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@Nuri: Thanks for that. I need to disable the updater on a number of machines, and was not to fond of the idea about visiting each one to install and run the manager.
How did Adobe come up with such an awkward solution to such a simple task!?!? I don't get it.


Hello :)

Here is a nice class that allows you to disable air framework autoupdate.

Nuri Gocay

No need to run the Air Settings Manager -- it's the biggest sham I've ever seen. All it does is drop two empty files inside the user's %APPDATA% folder...and there's no light-touch method of deploying the Air Settings Manager and automatically clicking their buttons.

Try this in a batch file:

cd "%APPDATA%\Adobe\Air"
type nul > UpdateDisabled
type nul > eulaAccepted

Good luck!

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