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Telewizory Lcd

I am supposed Flashlite 2.o in my Nokia 6600, he is acting very well, only a bit sie is cutting at the fast animation.


Will Flashlite 2.o everr be available for Nokia 6600?


"Frankly speaking for me o for any other companies involved in FlashLite development it's very hard and dangerous think to invest or create business with this technology."

I agree that it is not so easy to invest on this technology for the companies yet. However, if everything goes as predicted and some ambiguities can be clearified, it might get easier to go on. I hope there will be some good examples to motivate others.

I agree mostly on what Alessandro says. Additionally, in my opinion, it depends which market you are in and what goal you have, to decide FL1.1 or FL2. It will be of course much more wise to keep on FL1.1 if you are already in an active market (i.e Japan) and start R&D with FL2. However, if there is only a foreseen future potential than an already present market, I may discuss about the point of going on FL1.1. It will take some years that we see FL content on mobiles used widely. It has a disadvantage of not getting directly into business, however it has the advantage of getting ready until the markets get shaped.

"Why would I buy a plugin, when there's hardly any content for it ? I would be a developer."

Exactly! That is the point. It is already aimed for developers. Please refer :
Thinking in that way, it is normal to see ridicilous to purchase FL player for an end user. Even thinking from developers` side, it is not very encouraging that the player has to be purchased.

Lets hope everything goes better than we wish.

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