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Marco....REALLY GOOD POST! :-)
Very interesting for me and Alberto :-)

Dale Rankine

It's interesting because I was talking with Bill Perry this week at webDU, and he has said the same thing in regards to handset manufacturers (and operators) needing to see a flow of content being created by the developers in order to be convinced of Flash Lite as a platform they should support. The Flash Lite Exchange is a marketing tool for Adobe in terms of being able to show the operators and manufacturers what's being created (I know we've discussed the role of the Exchange before). If the developer community becomes a loud voice in the market, even though the market is almost non-existant at the moment (compared to current standard platforms), then it becomes easier for Adobe to do their work in getting the players onto handsets and to get the operators to start including FL in their prouct offerings. Flash Lite ... say it loud, say it proud ;)

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