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What the heck... no Quicktime, no Windows Media Player capabilities this is insane.
So apollo is going to basically be Flash projector or Central. I built a simple apollo project and I tried to use the Html renderer to embed a quicktime player and windows media player and both were failures. I have been asking for information from the Apollo Forms for the past two days and they have said nothing about eventual media plugins.

You are the only person to have any insight on this matter.

This really sucks as I have been pushing this as a solution for my employer. I thought with the use of WebKit they would definitely allow media plugins like quicktime.

If you have any information about this, I would definitely appreciate it if you could push it my way...

Thanks Mario...


I can understand why they want to keep away from a dependency on a potentially shifting framework on OS X, but I hope they keep the ability to use 'attachments' like Drosera (which is supposed to be 90% Javascript already).

Mike Weiland

So no shockwave in Apollo? What an oversite... I had hoped they would add the ability to playback shockwave content in Apollo, the reason why is the ability to extend the framework through the Xtra architecture and the ability to leverage existing xtras in Apollo. Are they giving any new insights on how we can extend the functionality of Apollo?

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