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Marco Casario

I prefer to think about Central not as a failure but as a test.

The ShockMachine wow, john... how memories !!

John Dowdell

For what it's worth, the ShockMachine project towards 1996 was an even earlier Macromedia attempt at easy distribution of your content beyond the browser.

It's a new type of endeavor... the first analogy I think of is this:


Central was a platform on it's own but Apollo opens it up even more. To run a custom app using Central you first had to have central open, then load your desired app. Once you install Apollo your apps are just like any other app on your computer. You have an icon for it, you can place it in your start menu, and it even adds an entry for itself within the Add/Remove Programs list.

Did Central have I/O capability? Apollo does (amongst other benefits).

Think of Central as a little testing ground for what Apollo could/is becoming.

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