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Web application developers can now reuse existing open source C and C++ client or server-side code on the Flash Platform.

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Adobe AIR, still quite not for everyone1

Emanuele Cipolloni

I'm not sure about the validity of such statistics, considering that Adobe AIR is an unreleased software for which do not exist even a release date yet, so why anybody would search a job for it (a job generally consists in "something to do in a certain time frame", if the tool is not yet on the amrket I wonder who's the crazy company reliyng on such thing)? Also the graph show such a pretty undertermined situation as the demand for "Adobe AIR" expertise seems to go up and down like a rollercoaster. If somehow we want to believe these "trends" and you search for "Silverlight" you will find that percentage of available "jobs" for it is costantly growing up and reaches the 0.01% figure, while Adobe AIR peaked 0.000325% last October and it is currently at 0.000225% (that is over 40 times less than MS Silverlight). In absolute values, at the moment the database holds 539 "positions" available for "Silverlight" and only 49 for "Adobe AIR". In my opinion is better to wait for these products to be in the market before making any assumption on the popularity.

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